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Besançon : Local information

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Travelling to Besancon

The easiest way to get to Besancon is to fly to Paris, Lyon or Basel and then take a train to Besancon Viotte train station. (Attention ! Not to be confused with Besancon Franche-Comte TGV train station which is in the middle of the woods about 16 km from Besancon !)
The tickets for the train can be booked here.

From the train station you can take the tram No. 2 (timetable) to go to :
NC Geometry - Arbre de Noël (arrival November 24-28) :
hotel Adagio, get off at the stop "Canot" ;
Lectures : Humanities Faculty, get off at "Chamars" ;
OSQP Conference (arrival December 12-15) :
hotel Zenitude, get off at "UFR Médecine", the last but one stop.

If you are going directly to the lectures of the OSQP conference : it will be held at the Math department, from the Viotte station catch bus No. 3 (timetable) going to "Temis" and get off at the stop "CROUS Université".

For more details on every direction, please see other tabs.

NC Geometry directions

Most of the participants will be lodged in the hotel Adagio Access La City, 11 avenue Louise Michel, tram stop Canot (10 min direct from the railway station).

The lectures will take place at the Language Faculty (Faculté des Lettres) of the University. The exact address is 20 rue Chifflet, and the lecture hall is the Grand Salon (entrance from the yard, 1st floor by the stairs). Note that you enter the yard from rue Chifflet, by a passage marked with a table "Hôtel de Courbouzon", and this is not the main entrance of the Faculty (which is normally from rue Megevand).

Attention : Thursday afternoon, the lectures will be held in another room : Salon Préclin, entrance from the same yard (you will find direction at the place). If you will be present in the morning or at lunch already, you will not have to seek it yourself.

From the Adagio hotel, you reach the place on foot in about 15 minutes : see a map.

From the railway station, you may either take a tram no.2 till the stop Chamars (timetable) and then walk (see a map) ; or just walk about 25 minutes (see a map).

To go to the school in Metabief after the meeting, you will need to come back to the Viotte railway station, by taking the tram (timetable). The bus to Métabief leaves on Sunday, November 30 at 15:40.

OSQP conference directions

Most of the participants will be lodged in the hotel Zenitude, 26 rue du professeur Milleret, tram stop UFR Médecine (last but one in the direction Hauts du Chazal, 30 min direct from the railway station). Schedule of the tram 2 from the Viotte station and back. By the stop UFR Médecine there are two lines of tram passing, and you can take both to the downtown.

We were booking a hotel in the downtown since months ago, but at the last moment the hotel obliged us to move to another location. We are sorry for that but have no means to change it.

The OSQP conference will be held in the math department in the campus. From the hotel, take the bus No. 14 from the stop "Milleret" till the stop "UFR Sciences" (about 20 minutes). Here is the timetable to the University and back.

If you are going directly to the lectures of the OSQP conference : it will be held at the Math department, catch but No. 3 from downtwon (bus stop Poste, timetable) or the Viotte station (timetable) going to "Temis" and get off at the stop "CROUS Université".

(timetable) till the stop "Beaux Arts".—>

Other hotels

- Most of participants will be lodged in the hotel Adagio Access La City. You can book your room in the same hotel for the preferential prices listed below by calling +33381213800 or sending a mail to In order to get the quoted price you need to mention that you come for a "conference of LMB" (or a "colloque de LMB" in the original French).

cleaning every day cleaning every 2 days no cleaning
Double or twin room (1-2 persons) 61€ 52€ 47€

You need to sum 0,90€ per person for the city tax.
The breakfast is optional for 8,40€ per person.

- A more affordable lodging (40,70€ breakfast included) can be got at Centre International de Séjour. We have no preferential prices but the availability is guaranteed if you make your booking before the end of June and you mention the "conference GFAA" key-phrase. This residence is not located in the downtown but it is within walking distance to the math department where the talks will take place.

- The downtown Hotel du Nord offers about 8% discount off the room price if you mention that you come for a conference organized by the Math department of Université de Franche-Comté.


The participants will have the possibility to connect to the WiFi network at the university. Nevertheless, the EDUROAM network might be easier to setup and have better cover. If you want to use the EDUROAM network, you must sign-up for an account at your home university before coming to Besancon !