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Centre Diocésain : Venue details

The Centre Diocésain is located in the town center of Besançon.

Its address is 20 rue Mégevand, 25000 Besançon.

- The town center proposes several hotels (click here.) The most appreciated by scientists is the "Hôtel du nord". Note that the town center is very small. Hence, walking is probably the best option to reach the conference from your hotel.

- Besançon has no airport. The closest airports are in Lyon and Basel, but the train connection is very poor. If you have no other solution that taking the plane, please contact the organizers to arrange details.

- By train : please note that Besançon has three train stations (Besançon Moulière, Besançon Viotte, Besançon Franche-Comté TGV). Please make sure that your train arrives at the Besançon Viotte station.
The booking website of the SNCF is accessible by clicking here. If, on this website you can only manage to buy a ticket to Besançon Franche-Comté TGV, you can always catch a train shuttle from Franche-Comté TGV to Viotte, a few minutes after your arrival at Franche-Comté TGV.

- Warning : the public transport map will drastically change on September 1.
Please use the following map, which correspond to the new network.
For the participant with a hotel outside the city center, the following map is better

- The tramway/bus stops which are the closest to the centre diocésain are : tramway stop Chamars, bus stop Mégevand and bus stop Granvelle.

- To arrive at the Centre Diocésain from the Besançon Viotte station, you have to take tramway number 2, and reach the "chamar" tramway stop. (10 mn). Theb follow the
following map (5-10 mn walk)