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Contemporary topics in conservation laws


Organisers: CoToCoLa Team

Contact : Ulrich Razafison

Dates: 9 February 2015 -> 12 February 2015

Venue: Besançon

The international conference “Contemporary Topics in Conservation Laws” will be held at Besançon (France) from 9th to 12th of February. This is the closing conference of the French National Research Agency project CoToCoLa. The topics of the conference include well-posedness and numerical approximation of local and non-local convection-diffusion equations ; conservation laws with discontinuous flux, conservation laws on networks ; transport equations and kinetic formulations ; coupling of conservation laws and ODEs, conservation laws with singular source terms, constrained conservation laws and obstacle problems ; applications like modeling of pedestrian and vehicular traffic, modeling of granular flows, sedimentation, fluid-particle coupling models, Saint-Venant models, population models ; control and optimal control of conservation laws.

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