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Autumn 2014 Noncommutative month Winter school
Program / Schedule
Location / Travel info


  • The school will take place in Hotel Azurèva (pdf leaflet in English, web in French) in the mountain village of Métabief.
  • All meals and coffee breaks are included. The first meal is the dinner on Sunday (preceded by a welcome drink).
  • In order to help cover the cost of meals and accommodation, a fee of 300 EUR for single bedroom, resp. 200 EUR for double bedroom, will be charged upon arrival to the venue in Métabief. This fee thus covers all the meals and the 12 nights.
  • There is an ATM machine in the Village and it is possible to pay by VISA and Mastercard in the hotel and generally in all the commerces.
  • Weather info : Métabief is at about 1000 m above sea level. The weather can range from cold (-10°C) and dry to "warm" (5°C) and rainy on the same day.
  • Saturday afternoon and Sunday will be free. Those who are interested in outdoor activities should bring solid waterproof hiking boots and appropriate clothes.
  • Voltage in France is 220V. You can consult the plug shapes here.

Shuttle bus

  • On Sunday, November 30, 2014, there will be a special bus from Besancon to Métabief via Frasne train station.

    The bus leaves from the train station Gare Viotte Besancon 3:45PM and will make one stop at the train station in Frasne at 17:00 in order to pick-up people coming by the 16:44 train.

  • On Friday, December 12, 2014, the bus will leave from Métabief at 4PM and will arrive to Besancon Viotte train station/downtown Besancon before 6PM.

How to get to Besancon/Metabief

  • The easiest way to get to Besancon is to fly to Paris, Lyon, Basel or Zurich and then take a train to Besancon Viotte train station. (Attention ! Not to be confused with Besancon Franche-Comte TGV train station which is in the middle of the woods about 16 km from Besancon !)
    The tickets for the train can be booked here.

    The following map tries to summarize the public transport connections from the nearest airports to Besançon or to Métabief.
    Alternative ways to Métabief
    From Paris you can also catch a direct train going to Frasne (24km from Métabief). The conference shuttle will pass through Frasne on Sunday November 30 at 17:00. Otherwise you can take a public bus from Frasne to Métabief.
    The airports in Geneva and Bern are not well connected by train to Besançon but you can take a train to go to Vallorbe (11km from Métabief). From Vallorbe you can take a public bus to Métabief. In exceptional cases, we can pick you up in Vallorbe.
    Please notice that the conference bus provided by the organizers may be the easiest way to get to Métabief.


    Gare de Lyon


    Lyon Part Dieu





    Gare SNCF Frasne


    Taxi from the airport?

    Gare Vallorbe

    No info on Bern

    No info on Geneva

    Swiss train company

    Swiss train company

    Taxi to train station?