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Noncommutative Geometry meeting

Autumn 2014 Noncommutative month GDR meeting
Nov. 27-29
Winter school
Dec. 1-12
Dec. 15-19
On November 27-29, 2014, Besançon will host an annual meeting of the French research network (GdR) in Noncommutative Geometry. Previous meetings took place in Metz (2012) and Caen (2013).

The programme starts by a workshop in Non-commutative Geometry and Optimal Transport on Thursday morning, starting at 9 a.m.. The meeting will then continue in the afternoon and end on the Saturday 29th in the early afternoon.

This meeting is a part of the Noncommutative Analysis month of the Trimestre. The joint registration for all three events of the Month is now open : register now.

Details on accomodation are available.

Contact : Yulia Kuznetsova.