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Conference on "Multivariate Count Analysis", 4-6 juillet 2018

- Organizer/contact : Célestin Kokonendji
- Dates : 04-06 July 2018
- Place : Laboratoire de Mathématiques de Besançon (to Ethic Etapes C.I.S. Besançon, by Bus line 3 to Temis)
- Keynote Speakers : Dimitris Karlis (Athens University of Economics and Business) and Brendan McCabe (University of Liverpool, Management School)
- Keywords for MULTIVARIATE COUNT MODELS : Count time series, Covariance GLM, Semiparametric approach, Copula, Bayesian networks, (Geometric) Dispersion models, Clustered data, Graphical models, etc.
- Note : Pursuing the mini-course and conference of 2014

- The following speakers have already agreed to give a (plenary) talk : A. Amiri, N. Balakrishnan, Wagner H. Bonat, Marcelo Bourguignon Pereira, Clarice G.B. Demétrio, Jean-François Dupuy, Amanda Fernández-Fontelo, John Hinde, Dimitris Karlis, Célestin C. Kokonendji & Pere Puig, Roseli Leandro, Gérard Letac, Naushad Mamode Khan, Afif Masmoudi, Brendan McCabe, Darcy Steeg Morris, Kimberly F. Sellers, Kimberly S. Weems, Christian H. Weiß, Jacek Wesolowski, ...

- The opportunity is also given to the other participants to submit a title and abstract for a (short) talk : Rahma Abid, Nawal Belaid & Smail Adjabi & Nabil Zougab, Severine Bord, Dominique Mizère, Amadou Sawadogo, ...

- Free auditors : Subrata Chakraborty, Efoevi Koudou, ...

- Here you have some first Titles :
° On the Fisher dispersion index for bi/multivariate count distributions, by C.C. Kokonendji & P. Puig
° Fractional approaches for the distribution of innovation sequence of INAR(1) processes, by M. Bourguignon (with N. Balakrishnan et al.)
° Analysis of multinomial counts with joint zero-inflation, with an application to health economics, by J.-F. Dupuy